Guangdong Church Leaders Visit Hong Kong, Macao

The delegation of Guangdong CC&TSPM took a group picture with members of the Yuen Long Kam Kwong Church during a visit in late May, 2024.
The delegation of Guangdong CC&TSPM took a group picture with members of the Yuen Long Kam Kwong Church during a visit in late May, 2024. (photo:  Guangdong CC&TSPM)
By John ZhangJune 6th, 2024

From May 20 to 24, Guangdong Provincial CC&TSPM organized a delegation to visit Hong Kong and Macao.

The Guangdong delegation and the Christian communities in Hong Kong and Macau discussed how they could contribute to the construction and development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, reported Guangdong CC&TSPM. They also explored ways to promote exchanges and integration among churches in the three regions, reaching a consensus on establishing and improving the standard management, talent cultivation, and social services of the Christian community in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Led by Rev. Fan Hong'en, chairman of Guangdong TSPM, the delegation of nine members visited varied institutions and seminaries, including the Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union, the Evangelical Free Church of China, the Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong, the China Graduate School of Theology, the Yuen Long Kam Kwong Church, the Chinese Rhenish Church Hong Kong, the Lutheran Theological Seminary, and the Baptist Convention of Hong Kong. In Macau, they visited the Christian Shuen Tao Church Hong Kong & Macau District Union Association and exchanged insights with leaders of the Union of Christian Evangelical Churches in Macau, the Anglican Church of Macau, and the Macau Baptist Church.

During the visit, Pastor Fan Hong'en introduced the overall situation of the church in Guangdong, particularly the development of seminaries, social service ministries, and the practice achievements of the sinicization of Christianity in Guangdong. He expressed the hope that churches in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau would establish a mechanism for mutual visits and strengthen exchanges and cooperation in areas such as the sinicization of Christianity, theological thought development with Lingnan (South China) characteristics, the inheritance of churches, and community service.

Leaders of the Hong Kong and Macau churches expressed their hope to explore new avenues for cooperation in talent cultivation, cultural exchange, and ministry development. They also hoped for increased non-governmental interaction.

Moving forward, Guangdong CC&TSPM will continue to hold joint activities such as exchange conferences on pastoral ministry and youth exchange activities in these three regions, as well as symposiums on the localization of Christianity.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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