Shaanxi, Sichuan Seminaries Release Admissions 2024

The picture of the current Shaanxi Bible School
The picture of the current Shaanxi Bible School
By John ZhangFebruary 29th, 2024

The Shaanxi Bible School and Sichuan Theological Seminary have announced their enrollment plans for 2024. Shaanxi Bible School is recruiting freshmen for its four-year junior college program and a one-year training class for pastoral backbones, while Sichuan Theological Seminary plans to admit students for undergraduate and associate-to-bachelor programs.

The Shaanxi Bible School has issued notices for the enrollment of the 2024 junior college program and the one-year training course for key pastoral workers from all districts and cities, Yangling Agriculture High-Tech Industrial Demonstration Zone, and Hancheng Municipal CC&TSPM, reported the provincial CC&TSPM.

According to the notice, the four-year junior college program recruits every two years and is currently recruiting freshmen, with 40 candidates admitted based on competitive selection. The subjects covered in the entrance examination include fundamental Bible knowledge, basic doctrines, a brief history of the church, the Three-Self Patriotic Movement, and some general knowledge. Tuition, housing, and living expenses are covered by the student or his/her church. It is also stated that the institution does not guarantee job placement upon graduation; instead, graduates' assignments will be arranged by their churches based on needs.

Shaanxi Bible School, founded by the Shaanxi Provincial CC&TSPM and based on churches in the province, influences northwestern China. It is a Christian seminary focusing on church practice education and research on Christian theological theories. 

Sichuan Theological Seminary also released the 2024 Admission Guide, planning to admit 18 students for the four-year undergraduate program and 10 students for the two-year associate-to-bachelor program.

- Translated by Poppy Chan, Abigail Wu

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